A Fable III Experience

2012-06-11 00:46:27 by WhiteLightning


I'm currently finishing up the last week of my current school quarter, which means cramming in a whole bunch of miniature projects which mostly will not be seen by any of you any time soon. But in between these projects, rather than my usual absolutely nothing, I've managed to squeeze in prep time for A Fable III Experience, which I've prioritized only mostly because I need a boost for my Kickstarter project later this summer!

I played through the entire game, wrote and edited the entire 16-page script, and collected an amazing cast from right here on Newgrounds! They're currently recording their lines as I finish up my half-useful other stuff, and then I can start animating. Here's a list of the current cast and their roles:

WhiteLightning: Rodriguez ElCazorro, Jon
RicePirate: Jasper/John Cleese
JAZZA: Reaver
RandomStar: King Logan
LiquidSpiral: Prince
DonkeysBazooka: The Crawler

I actually still need a couple more specific voices, and I'll be posting more info in the forums most likely by Friday. I hope it all turns out as awesome as it looks like it will, which is SUPER AWESOME.

The best of days to you all,
- Kyle

A Fable III Experience


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2012-06-11 02:02:14

This is looking to be the best one yet. A wider range of characters voiced by a star-studded cast, a long script, and more experience wit animating and writing. I'm really excited for Rodriguez Jr.'s adventure. Good luck with it.


2012-06-11 02:31:51

The saddest part, in my opinion, is that you actually wrote AND printed out the 16-page script.

That aside, good luck!

WhiteLightning responds:

Well, I kind of need a print out to record my lines. Why is that sad, exactly?


2012-06-11 02:34:26

I was really excited when I saw Fable III Experience in the news column, then I saw RicePirate and Jazza... I think I just had my first aneurysm of the day. This shall be amazing

WhiteLightning responds:

That's the response I was hoping for :)


2012-06-11 11:36:54

Sounds promising, those are heavy-hitters in your cast

WhiteLightning responds:

All because of Pico Day :D


2012-06-11 12:50:53

you need a kid voice (because they're everywhere in that game) im here


2012-06-11 13:31:05

My excitement thermometor has exploded in my face!!!!

WhiteLightning responds:

I'm surprised you had an intact excitement thermometer left at this point.


2012-06-11 13:31:22

Rice Pirate better do John Cleese justice, he was my favorite character in the game!

WhiteLightning responds:

I've already gotten his lines, actually, and they're pretty snazzy :]


2012-06-11 22:15:53

...I can't properly explain how excited I am for this :D Do what you do best WhiteLightning!


2012-06-14 08:44:42

Well, not really sad as much as strange, in my opinion. I don't know if having something in a kind of split vertical windows format bothers you with the recording (have the script in one window, your recording program of choice in the other (which I'm assuming is Audacity or something along those lines)). Does it give you more of a chance to act things out better or do you do this just so that way you can get all the lines done in one take? If that's the case, I have to say that it is a bit unusual.

I hope that you don't take this the wrong way or anything. I'm a fan of your work and all, but it's just that I find it a tiny bit strange.

WhiteLightning responds:

Oh, I see the misunderstanding.

I don't actually record anywhere near a computer monitor. The room my computer is in is big and echoey, and the microphone I use is a standalone recording device anyway, so I set up in basically a small padded closet and just record to the mic's memory card. Since there's no computer, I need a printed copy.

Plus, hard copies are pretty :]


2012-07-04 17:27:38

I didn't read what you say there but I saw the paper with "A Fable III Experience" , I'd say work fast & hard at it...