Video Progress, Including Fable

2012-08-05 15:04:08 by WhiteLightning

Greetings everyone! Many exciting things are happening, probably RIGHT AS YOU'RE READING THIS SENTENCE!! Actually, probably not, but at some point before or after, they will be! Let's get right to the list, shall we?

Firstly, voice recording for A Fable III Experience is practically done! The final count is TEN cast members, which is far greater than my usual cast list, which is me. Some of the actors are Newgrounds stars and others are just now making their debut, but all of the performances are fantastic, and I can't wait to start animating! Which is a thing that I will indeed be doing soon, because...

Our Kickstarter page is ready to go! The only thing missing is a video, but we still aren't going to launch the project until FIIIE is done. That way we can use the near-guaranteed success of Rodriguez ElCazorro to funnel views into the Kickstarter project. Thankfully, you can still see the page even though you can't donate yet, so click here to read up on it!

(EDIT: Turns out, because our Kickstarter project is also my senior project for film school, I have to publish that and, consequently, A Fable III Experience by October!)

In between our bigger projects, we're also putting great effort into releasing short videos much more consistently. Right now, this only includes live-action shorts, but once I have Fable out of the way, I'll try to toss in some more animations as well. We're also setting our podcast aside for a bit so that we can concentrate more on videos and also because I don't think anyone really cares all that much at the moment.

Here's one of those short videos now:

Anyway, that's pretty much it for this update, so check back next month for more! The best of days to you all!

Video Progress, Including Fable


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2012-08-05 21:06:08

Win? Yes. Very win.


2012-08-05 21:06:09

Win? Yes. Very win.


2012-08-05 22:25:47

Love your flashes and voice acting,
but fable 3 didn't live up to the hype,
but hey who am i to judge
best of luck to you!

WhiteLightning responds:

I agree, as do all sane people. Thankfully, I've spent two cartoons building Rodriguez into a character that viewers apparently find pretty entertaining, so I still think I was still able to write a suitable script. That, and the fact that all my jokes in this one are semi-subtly pointing out just how awful of a game Fable III really was.


2012-08-06 00:22:57

Hot damn diggity dog! A new Fable is on the horizon. I loved the previous episodes and I can't wait for whats in store for Rodriguez. Uber thumbs up!


2012-08-06 02:10:55

Can't wait to see Fable, man. c: Good luck on kickstarter!


2012-08-06 13:33:19

I really can't wait to see it and knowing it's even more done I'm even more excited now. Then I saw the line "and I can't wait to start animating!" I will admit my heart dropped a little but I just know that in the end it's going to be pretty damn awesome.

WhiteLightning responds:

Yeh, sorry, voice recording has taken a lot longer this time since I'm collecting them from so many other people and the thing is 16 minutes long. But it'll be worth it, trust me :)


2012-08-19 10:49:35

I read everything you type in the voice of Rodrigue for some reason. Looking forward to your Fable III parody. XD