How To Make A Fable III Experience Come Out Sooner

2012-11-13 12:36:54 by WhiteLightning

Short Answer:

Go here and money.

Long Answer:

We have a live-action webseries that we've been working on for some time now, and have finally set up a Kickstarter page for. For those of you who haven't seen it yet, here is the project description and video:

"In a city where an elite group of selfish and wealthy individuals secretly have absolute influence over its citizens, local anarchists have organized themselves into a single force with the goal of sabotaging the corrupt corporate figureheads. When their headquarters are raided by the police and most of their ranks arrested, the five remaining anarchists must regroup, rebuild, and retaliate against those who are hunting them down while continuing their original goal of returning power to the people of the city."

So how does this help with A Fable III Experience? Well, if we don't manage to get the funding for this project through Kickstarter, guess what I'll be spending all my time on for the next few months? Your donation could be the difference between animating Rodriguez and finding alternative funding.

In addition, this series is shaping up to be something AWESOME. We're really going all out with the writing AND production this time, to the point where the final product will look like a professional TV show. It will also probably be nearly 90 minutes long. Unfortunately, we're nearing the end of our campaign - only a week left, in fact - and still haven't quite reached our goal. We only need $3,500, which is very low for even Kickstarter.

So, if you'd like to support our work and ensure more quality productions sooner, please donate here. Even a small amount makes a difference.

Thanks so much,

- Kyle


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2012-11-13 17:52:57

Gave you a lil' pledge just 'cause :v

Good luck man!

WhiteLightning responds:

THANK YOU! :D Great job on the voice, by the way!