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A Fable III Experience - Animators Wanted

Posted by WhiteLightning - August 28th, 2017


I once made some cartoons here. You probably don't remember, because I wasn't very popular and it was a freakin' long time ago. But on the off chance that you do remember, you might recall that I once promised to make A Fable III Experience, the third installment of the first notable thing I ever made. I never got around to finishing that video, and it's a real shame, because it was all ready to go. I had an animatic, I had quite a few assets prepared, I even had all the voices recorded and in place. Interestingly, the cast has only become more impressive, as Jazza and RicePirate have gone on to do some pretty great things in the time since. 

Unfortunately, I still find myself unable to get back to it. Despite the fact that it's a relatively simple animation job, it's also a long one, as the final animatic clocked in at almost ten minutes. And now that I'm managing a Youtube-channel-turned-production-company full time, there's just no way to fit it in. Which is a bummer, cause I'd still really like to see it finished.

So I had a thought, and I wanted to present it to anyone who was interested in hearing it. I'd like to hire an animator or two to complete the bulk of the animation work, then add the finishing touches myself and finally have a conclusion to the tale of Rodriguez ElCazorro. Having been an animator and a freelancer, I would ideally like to find a balance between paying a completely fair price and being able to afford doing so. I'm very curious about what this might cost and whether it's even currently plausible.

I do know that I could take care of all mouth animation,audio, and cleanup by myself. And, as I mentioned before, I have a pretty good starting block prepared. But everything in between would be up to you. If you're interested in helping with such a project, please contact me via private message or at contact@doormonster.tv - even out-of-reach quotes or advice are appreciated.

The best of days to you all,
Long Live Newgrounds,



Comments (4)

Soooooooo you don't need voice actors?

Oh wow, I really didn't think you still cared about finishing this project! I remember being quite excited about the opportunity to do voice acting for it back in the day, as I was actually a fan of the previous installments in the series, even back when you "weren't very popular". I also remember being quite disappointed when it seemed as if the project would never reach completition and you moved on to other things. But it's awesome to see that you're still intent on finally finishing it after all these years, I hope you can find someone to do the necessary work for it!

However, should you end up never finishing it after all, would you mind sharing the animatic at least with us voice actors who participated in it? I remember that you did share it on the project page here on newgrounds for a while a long time ago, but then removed it. It would be fun to see at least something containing the voice work I did in a larger context, even if it's not the finished product. Anyway, good luck on this endevour! And also congratulations on your YouTube success, Door Monster is just as hilarious as your old animations!

So Jazza and RicePirate both jumped on this before they were super celebrities huh... waiting seven years to release that might've boosted its popularity a bit that way. ;) I should start some new projects too hmm, get some up-and-coming VAs to record some lines, and stash them away until they grow super famous... *revelation*

Glad to see you found that animator though! Turned out awesome. NGFORFLIFE (in the dual sense meaning).

Man, I've been subscribed to the Door Monster channel for a while now and I've never realized it was actually your account! I still remember when you asked me if you could use my music for your Digory animation. It's awesome to see how far you've come in the meantime!

Congratulations on the release of your latest animation; I definitely enjoyed watching it :)