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Awesome job! I loved the miniature versions of the characters in the wide shots - very creative solution to what would otherwise be some really complicated movement.

NCH responds:

oh yeah, the miniaturizing stuff was adapted from shows like wonderful world of gumball which they usually do minimalist rectangles on their characters when they show a very far/zoom out scene. it did save me alot of time and still brought the point across without the need to do too much complicated animation.


Very good animation. Everything looked nice and Minecraft-y, but still flexible and looney toons like. I also appreciate the way you made the Skyrim reference without actually saying it...again (and again and again...).


This was really a fantastic animation! Really sorry about the virus thing, I know how it feels to have all your work just vanish as if it never existed. But even with that, this turned out great. The character animation was amazing, as was the color transformation. The one thing you may want to alter is to chance the "Play" text from dynamic and then reupload (right now you can select the text with the mouse; makes it a little hard to click the button underneath).

Absolutely wonderful piece of work. Keep it up! :)

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Wow! I wasn't expecting this at all when I started playing. I'm going to skip the part where I don't understand how you transferred 3d graphics into a flash game because I know nothing of code, but purely concerning gameplay, bravo! The controls are smooth, the menus are mostly easy to navigate, and the flashback feature is AWESOME! I am Racecar God, and none shall oppose me! The programming skill that went into creating this game is apparent from the get-go, and continues to impress well into your 10th, 20th, or 30th race!

That said, it does still feel like it needs a bit of polish sometimes. I was a tad bit confused about whether or not I was playing the multiplayer mode with actual people, because when I did the time rewind thing... it worked. Which seems unlikely and/or really cruel to everyone else I was supposedly playing against. There were a few moments of lag or general rough handling as well, and I wasn't picking up sound, but that may have just been me. I also felt that a little more control could be added to the driving, such as a handbrake to enable some sort of drifting or other skill-based maneuver.

These few tweaks aside, though, this game has the charm of a retro N64 title with a cool, modern-day game mechanic that keeps it interesting and elevates it above a simple racing title. It's definitely something I would have played in my school's computer lab all day when the teacher wasn't looking, as I'm sure someone is doing right now.

Awesome work!

I've gotta say, this is a really creative idea! It's refreshing and simple, and as a result, addictive. I will definitely be returning to this regularly to smash people from Facebook. Excellent job!

Not too shabby

I think this a great effort. Granted, it is a very common concept and so SOME PEOPLE (below, perhaps?) will react negatively or quickly forget about it.

However, the coding works very well. Really, no glitches found or anything, which is quite uncommon with new submissions. I also like artwork. Though simple, the colors are nice and everything is very neatly placed and organized.

All in all, I think you have promising skills, and would love to see what you can accomplish when they're paired with a really original concept. :)

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This is very nice!

I may wanna use it for an upcoming cartoon, 'A Fable III Experience', in fact. That alright? :)

ZStriefel responds:

omfg yes.


This was fantastic! Let me tell you, I couldn't sum up Newgrounds reviews any better than this. I believe we've all had (or seen) our fair share of these somewhere in the Flash Portal. Your voice, the angry tone, and the misspellings just make it perfect. Thumbs up to you.

You've probably been asked this somewhere, but was this an actual review of something, or did you make it up?

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I like the bar stools :3 Don't even know why, they're just pretty. The perspective is also excellent.

I really like this picture...it's a cool concept with an awesome style choice.

I'd get more in-depth, but I think I've actually commented more on the art itself than most of the other reviews here combined.


That's pretty horrifying, actually. Nice job, only criticism is that Dad could use more muscle ;)

I like to think of things that make me smile, then bundle up those smiles into silly, semi-violent, cartoon-shaped packages, and then give them to people over the internet! SMILES FOR ALL!!!

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